The Vine of the Earth

For the first entry to the new category Vine of the Earth, I thought I would talk about the three reds I had yesterday. This category is all about red wines, because, come on, really? – let me start with saying, I love wine. Let me continue by saying that I believe you don’t get the full flavor of a wine unless you drink it, not merely taste it. So, needless to say, the above selection was a long night. it’s a tough job. We started with the Spanish La Granja (above, left) tempranillo/granacha, 2010, I love these two grapes on their own, together they are flat. The Argentinan La Finca 2009 Tempranillo doesn’t mess around and has big pure notes. The rooster-wine, La Granja’s 2010 Syrah is redemption for that Spanish winery. Big body, no fruit.