How Pairing in Music works in my head

I got a new portable Croslie record player this weekend and I am in love with music again. I can’t believe how I was slowly starving over the years – starving for the warm tone and almost-tactile sound that only vinyl can deliver. In the past two days that I’ve had the machine, I’ve realized that there is no music that I actually don’t like. Take the above examples, Heart’s 1980 rocking wonder Bebe Le Strange, and Ashkenazy’s 1963 recording of Rachmaninov’s 3rd piano concerto. Both are expertly recorded and mixed. Both are melodic and slightly-bitter. Both go really well with red wine. Together they offer a strange juxtaposition that had me thinking about genre, gender, the 20th century and recording methods of rock and roll versus orchestral/classical.

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