A letter to the Ninety Nine Percenters

Just having come from the Northeast where I considered the American Revolution for a good long time, I had some thoughts on what is going on in my own town of Oakland, California right now.

Although I do believe that Free-Market Capitalism and Representative Democracy are not necessarily married as indivisible constructs, and I do believe that great evils have come from the economic status quo – I am growing cold to the efforts of the Occupy Oakland movement. In order to combat this feeling of growing resentment towards your cause, I would appreciate a lengthy manifesto – some real charismatic and intellectual leadership on a local level describing the war that is being raged against you (from the Occupy Oakland website : “The purpose of our gathering here is to plan actions, to mobilize real resistance, to defend ourselves from the economic and physical war that is being waged against our communities”) and the enemy you are fighting. Please describe your demands, your Utopia. Is Oakland the enemy? I have come to question Occupy Oakland’s use of the word community.

I am not a joiner. I think that joining movements, for the most part, can be a poison for democracy. I consider myself a patriot – consider the words above the stage in Faneuil Hall (the Cradle of Liberty) in Massachesetts: “Freedom and Union forever.” – although, I do see an end to the age of nationalism as a modernist paradigm. I am looking forward to the eventual return to sustainable, bioregional economies over arbitrarily drawn borders…The health care system sucks…We need to see justice for those one percenters who have manipulated the system at the expense of so very many people. I empathize with these bullet points although I am fearful of the growing divide between the aspirations of the movement and its perception by the community at large, as so often is the case with such things.

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