American Masters

I was totally enraptured by these four painters at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts this week. All Americans – all painting about the turn of the twentieth century. These photos are taken of the original works and if you click on the image you can enlarge them. Sargent is the best known (and the best) “Sensualist” – a label that refers to both the sumptuous quality of his oil paint and the nature of his imagery. I have been painting for twenty years and this trip may just be the kicker that gets me back to the brush – looking at these works makes me feel that, although using paint, I have been merely drawing for most of my career.

(above,  left) “Mrs. Fiske and her daughter” (detail) John Singer Sargent, 1903

(above, right) “Isabella and the Pot of Basil” (detail) John White Alexander, 1897

(above, left) “Woman in a Fur Hat” (detail) Gretchen Rogers, 1915

(above, right) “The Blue Cup” (detail) Joseph Decamp, 1909

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