Bobby Furst, Master in the Desert

Click on images to enlarge. One mile outside the West gate to Joshua Tree National Park lives the brilliant and enigmatic artist, Bobby Furst. We found him at the challenge of one of our new local friends here at the campground – “You’re into art? Give my friend Bobby a call. I promise you, you will leave inspired.” How very right he was.

I called him and from his jolly tone, it was almost as if he was half-expecting my call. It is February now and the once-a-year snow still covered the far hills of the park when we pulled up to his compound-like home where he lives in his network of acres (yes, acres) wide studios.

We spent the next hour or so with the artist, talking about design, material, world peace, building codes and sustainable culture. A true visionary, Furst has a master’s eye, able to identify what is junk and what is art in a manner that immediately transcends arbitrary collecting – here, there is Design everywhere.

No-thing is new on Furst’s land: It is as if his calling is to be the savior of a great deal of material what some might consider to be the detritus of twentieth century America. This truth of what is value and what is not seems to be the passion of this master artist and craftsman.

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