High Sierra Summer Camp part 2

Up over Donohue Pass (11,056 feet) in this, the second photo-story from Juniper Ridge’s High Sierra Summer Camp. Donohue pass divides Yosemite Nat’l Park from the Ansel Adams Wilderness.

mountain hemlock

“The impression of the High Sierra is one of grandeur, but at the same time of desolation – the dark pines, the light granite, the absence of all sounds except the sighing of the wind through the pines…” – W.H. Brewer/Up and Down California, 1860

“Fist Versus Glacier”
Obi Kaufmann

It may be ten miles away
across the glacial valley,
here, on California’s roof –
the parade of shadow
where the clouds…now come horses,
now come the anxious and restless stampede
of the empty, white, mammoth lords
reborn as vapor, poof and wind.
They reclaim their land, and hold,
over us at this scale – across this U-shape.
Us, not even ants, but black dots
on a ridge, in a blink.
They all know us as we know them –
everyone, forever, in in conscious attendance.
Our trails. Our bones. Our names…
All lashed with simple glue,
elementally bare
against the zero of time –
the circle of the horizon.

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