Poets on the Peaks – new books

Gary Snyder at Crater Mountain Lookout, August 1952.

“…so I wrote the ranger in Marblemount in February, listed my qualifications, which were trail crew and fire fighting work in various national forests, and experience with logging and carpentry and all that kind of thing, outdoor work, and mountaineering, and then I added: ‘So I would like your highest, most remote, and most difficult-of-access lookout.'”

Apparently it was a big joke in the Ranger Station that somebody had volunteered for that lookout. They said, “He’s the guy!” and “We’ve got somebody who actually wants it!” -Gary Snyder

“The signature of the glaciers is almost everywhere in the Sierra – on almost every lake shore, every headwall, every pass – for those who have eyes to see” – William O. Douglas

“We maintain that a couple , of any age from twenty to fifty, with a minimum of health, intelligence, and capital, can adapt themselves to country living, learn its crafts, overcome its difficulties, and build up a life pattern rich in simple values and productive of personal and social good.” – Helen and Scott Nearing

“Each illustration is a little story. If you watch them, in a few minutes they tell you a tale. In three hours looking you could see eighteen or twenty stories acted right on my body, you could hear voices and think thoughts. It’s all here, just waiting for you to look.” -Ray Bradbury

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