Light, shadow and the changing of the seasons

Here is a California condor that I had the good fortune to witness near Pardington Cove in Bur Sur last April. I have posted pictures from this series before but never this particular shot. It is the same condor we used for the logo of the tinhouse perfume in our Juniper Ridge Field Lab natural perfume.  I still, often dream about this moment in the Big Sur light when this living dinosaur perched and stretched it wings in the morning sun.

There is nothing more lonely than the trek up and down I-5 from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It isn’t even the desolate kind of lonely your get in the deep desert – that magical kind of vortex… I-5 is endless and brutal. I-5 is laid down at the base of the hills just at the far reach of the coastal fog.

Downtown Oakland, morning. Late September light – down the street from my studio. I’ve been heading in to make my paintings early in the morning. I mean early. Click here to learn of when my shows are going to be – got a couple of them coming up in November.

Tejon Pass, the Grapevine – southern Tehachapi Mountains – Southern California – the gateway to central California and the Sierra Madre mountains. Late afternoon – October light.

Campfire smoke wafting up in the dawn light, separating the light in Central California. Sisquoc Wilderness. Spring.

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