Indian Summer Road Trip

In the middle of October, Alli and I hit the road to Los Angeles in the Juniper Ridge Field Lab van.

Mohawk General Store welcomed us for a Field Lab event – distilling White Sage for the people of Silver Lake. Mohawk excellently represents the new kind of mercantile: ten years ago, this store could not have existed where, and more importantly, how it does. Stylish and sustainable. Real value. Real design. Juniper Ridge would certainly be a different company if not for industry leaders like Mohawk.

White Sage essential oil – the true fragrance we use in our San Jacinto blend.

Topanga Canyon State Park

Los Angeles is a much different place than it was when I lived there as a child. The orange air used to choke – I was hardly aware there were mountains surrounding the basin at all. Now, the visibility is great – the wild lands that surround this metropolis are hypnotically beautiful. There is plenty of time to ruminate on the wonder of the far hills as we sit in the impossible traffic. I don’t have the coping tools to deal with the traffic.

Cooper Design Space, 11th Floor, Downtown L.A. Coeurshow.

Venice Beach sunrise

Saying goodbye to Ms. Topanga was tough. This canyon – this gorgeous vortex – is the everything I want, everything I need in rugged fabulousness. The boys at the Tribal Oasis, the intentional community we stayed at, were really good sports for keeping up with the amount of red wine I forced them to drink.

Gjelina, Venice

Velvet Margarita Cantina, Hollywood

Beachwood Canyon.

General Store opened their new location in Venice and Juniper Ridge was there. Amazing party. This meticulously curated store does not mess around for a second and is endlessly inspiring because of it. So proud to be a small part!

Malibu Canyon

We stopped off for an event with the great guys at Malibu’s Levis neighborhood store. This store is the antidote for everything I hate about the idea of the “mall” store. Everyone knows the name, Levi’s, and now, in this location (actually there is one in New York and one in Boston too) they’ve usurped the concept to deliver the essence of the brand: American made, super cool, good vibes, quality denim. Love it.

Old Place, Malibu

Tribal Oasis, Hondo Canyon.

Paradise, Santa Ynez

Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo.