Summer Camp memories

The season is already locked up in the Sierra – the snow falls and indian summer is over. We dream of sweet August wind and remember the rugged beauty to be hidden under its white coat for the next six months – a whole different kind of beauty. Juniper Ridge’s Sierra Summer Pine.

Mount Ritter, on the John Muir Trail. John Muir on snow in the Sierra: “…Every winter in the High Sierra and the middle forest region get snow in glorious abundance, and even the foot-hills are at times whitened. Then all the range looks like a vast beveled wall of purest marble. The rough places are then made smooth, the death and decay of the year is covered gently and kindly, and the ground seems clean as sky. And though silent in its flight from the clouds, and when it is taking its place on rock, or tree, or grassy meadow, how soon the gentle snow finds a voice! Slipping from the heights, gathering in avalanches, it booms and roars like thunder, and makes a glorious show as it sweeps down the mountain-side, arrayed in long, silken streamers and wreathing, swirling films of crystal dust.”

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