The Last Days of Winter




Hiking along, I reached up to touch my beard and realized I was coated in ice – suppose that’s what beards are for: the water froze on my face but there was a layer of warm air between me and the ice. A simple truth.


Oh Commander Scott. I a sucker for vintage books on California. “In all of us still smolders some slight spark of the pioneer spirit that we inherited from our ancestors. The anticipation of what may be found around the next curve in the road, and the country that lies beyond that next mountain range., constantly beckons to the adventurer in us. Don’t ever be deaf to the call.”


Snow Hike. The Pacific Crest Trail – Late March, 2013. Donner Pass, California.


THE CALL OF THE WILD (part.) by Gary Snyder

The heavy old man in his bed at night
Hears the coyote singing
in back meadow.
All the years he ranched and mined and logged.
A Catholic.
A native Californian.
and the Coyotes howl in his
Eightieth year.
He will call the Government
Who uses iron leg-traps on Coyotes,
My sons will lose this
Music they have just started
To love.