The Athena Paintings

This is the final week of my solo show at Oakland Surf Club. I’ve been a painter my whole life and I’ve shown my work plenty of places, but I can’t remember ever having as much fun gathering, crafting and showing a body of work as this one. To see the portfolio, go to

Classical figures is not really something I’ve ever worked on, at least as a whole portfolio, hell, I’ve not worked with a brush in ten years. It was liberating, I am a new man – an artist set free from his own chains. I’m skirting a line between craft, meaning and story, on the one hand and on the other: freedom, ridiculousness and meaninglessness…pure and unadulterated. I’m happy to say that I’ve got a bunch of shows coming up – this website is an all-encompassing hub of my efforts – to see my art, go to


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