The Biggest Tree in the World


Had to run. Take the Danners, throw the new Equinox in the back of the van, don’t forget the whiskey, or the Elna Bakker book. Today, my friends, today we see the largest tree in the world. A tree so large that the sublimity of simply beholding the thing is enough to crush my feeble and wanting mind. Do you live in California and have never seen it? You are forgiven, it was only recently I made my way here myself. And I won’t, not go there often, ever again. The big Trees of Sequoia National Park are among the most beautiful things that humans can know: greater than any king, more powerful than any army, more true than any god. I would go to war for these trees, but all they ask is to be left, and their call to peace is beguiling. I swoon, now, back in the city, thinking about when I might be under their shade again.