Northern Grade – American Made Goods

At 111 Minna, this last Saturday, there was an amazing exhibit of makers from across the country. A collection of American craft, value and fashionable goods called Northern Grade. I work with and for Juniper Ridge – we were represented in a collaborative Dopp kit, having parterned with Winter Session for a Fathers’ Day offering. The Dopp Kit, available here at the Winter Session website, could very well be the perfect gift for dear old dad; it includes our Trail Crew Soap and our Backpacker’s Cologne, and is presented as either a Forest or a Desert collection.


The Fathers’ Day, Limited-edition Dopp Kit by Juniper Ridge & Winter Session.¬†Peering into the bag – you see there is plenty of room for Dad’s other bathroom junk:



Here I am (, at right, with our friends from Colorado: Winter Session’s Roy & Tanya. Their amazing goods are entirely covetable – check out these amazing roll up pencil/tool cases.

Here are some of the other wonderful brands representing at Northern Grade. This show is indicative of the real, new, American economy: stuff made by hand, made here, beautiful designed, and elegant in both form and delivery. Sign me up. Sign me up for good.


Rogue Territory


Oakland Leatherworks available at Standard and Strange


Weiss Watches




Red Wing


Pierrepont Hicks

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