Capsule New York. Man Fashion

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Capsule Men‘s New York City. What would I wear? What do I like?


above, two images, Indigo Fera – a casual line of denim that has a real open-road vibe. Welcome to California via Northern Europe.


Tito Sandal by Yuketen. New and classic is hard to pull off, but easily done with these impeccably made shoes.


Backpacks at Yuketen – Amazing originality overlapping with functionality


Every Stitch has a Soul. Monitaly. Impressive quality with even more impressive design.


I was there with Jessica, representing Juniper Ridge. Find us on the social networks with the hashtags #nofakefragrance #mountainsinabottle and #lifeonthetrail


Woolrich, the original outdoor clothing company. This might have been the most talked about piece in the show. Hello old New Mexico, I love you.

IMG_1027Eat Dust‘s vibe is cool and effortless, they float above the world, giving two shits, exactly where they should be.


Patagonia‘s Legacy line makes me drool on myself. There is something about that logo that makes me want to climb a mountain.


This is a real pack, ladies and gentlemen. Made by good people that know what the hell they are doing.  I want my life outfitted by Frost River.


I’ve gone camping with Paul Kaufman and his shoes, made out of recycled crap are to absolutely die for. They rock the world, fuck it.


Coast-Wide by POP studio is blowing my mind and making me reconsider some fundamental truth I hold about art and my whole damn life. Well played.


These guys work. Man, nothing vibes like Lightning Bolt. The brand hovers in the ether, waiting to strike like some kind of cosmic serpent.


Please give me everything these guys are about – Iron and Resin – California bike culture refound and presented to the 21st century like the baby Zeus, ready to go!


I have three pairs of shoes. They are all Danners. That is all.

Other great brands I didn’t get good pictures of…there are lots, here are a few: Ursa Major, Freeman, Poler, 18 waits

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