The Astral Guides


When I first thought about making a deck of cards, I knew I wanted to do something totally different than the Tarot. I imagined the reader to be less spiritual and more mystical – or at least be able to conceive of the subtle powers as being more creative than religious. I imagine a reader much more at home, and comfortable, out in the wild, off trail, blazing each day with adventure and always ready to explore what is around the next corner. There are directions in each deck, but they are pretty loose; you are to complete the circle for yourself. The deck has been designed with safeguards, the darkness present in each reading is only a function of light. There are as many different systems of magic as there are people on the planet, although the best one draw up the archetypes. We all have the human mind in common, and the maps that define and guide us through this life have been long-drawn by our collective elders. With the Astral Guides, I transcend all that and have suggested a pantheon of wonderous symbols that only make passing reference to any wisdom tradition. Find your own path. Listen to the Light. -Obi



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