Central Coast Heritage Protection Act



Representative Lois Capps has introduced the Central Coast Heritage Protection Act! The bill will add roughly 300,000 acres of wilderness, scenic areas, and other protections and 159 miles of wild and scenic rivers in the Los Padres National Forest and Carrizo Plain National Monument. This bill will safeguard some of the most spectacular places, including the headwaters of the Sespe River and the largest and most undisturbed remnant of the great Central Valley prairie ecosystem in the Carrizo Plain. The bill will expand nine wilderness areas including the Dick Smith, the Matilija, the Santa Lucia, and others. It will protect lands that are home to endangered wildlife like the California condor, Kit fox, red-legged frog, and Mohave ground squirrel, and lands that contain irreplaceable rock art that reveal thousands of years of human culture.

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Representative Lois Capps introduced the Central Coast Heritage Protection Act.  Reps. Julia Brownley and Sam Farr will co-sponsor the bill.  Once the Act becomes law, the Condor Trail will be congressionally designated as the Condor National Recreational Trail as an amendment to the National Trails System Act (a first for a National Recreation Trail!).

“The designation of the Condor Trail as a National Recreation Trail is an extremely important part of this bill.  To have this in our backyard is really exciting and that fact that it highlights and supports protection we need for the California Condor is really important.” -Rep. Lois Capps

Sample Message to Capps, Brownley & Farr:

Dear Representative:

Thank you for your leadership and commitment to permanently protect the wild public lands and rivers of the Central Coast region. Your legislation will protect landscapes that are an important part of America’s natural and cultural heritage, contribute to the regional economy, and are a shared resource that the public enjoys through numerous outdoor recreation activities. In addition, they support an incredible diversity of plant and animal species including southern steelhead, Pronghorn antelope, and the endangered California condor. 

The Central Coast includes some of the most diverse habitats and ecosystems found anywhere in North America.  I strongly support your legislation that would add wilderness, wild and scenic rivers, and other protective designations in the Los Padres National Forest and Carrizo Plain National Monument. 

Thank you for your dedicated work with numerous stakeholders to develop a bill that meets the needs and wishes of community members and ensures protection of these treasured lands for generations to come.