A new vision of Storytelling


What is Storytelling? The working definition I’ve written is “…the demonstration of struggle, creative or otherwise, before a community, with the intention of imparting and sharing both information and wisdom.” Storytelling is a tool. As a artist, an activist, and wilderness-guy, I am preoccupied with what a tool is?  Definition 1 in any dictionary is something you make utility with. A tool is something full of potential. I’ve recently drafted a long list (see it at in the sidebar of this website), or more to the point: I’ve drawn a big-circle… Progressive types. Friends. Family. All of whom have been bitten by this tiny, passionate contagion that compels them forward, keeps pushing the envelope. Maniacs all; full of hope in the morning that what they are doing is good, although completely outside the box. Independents. Freedom-seekers. Wanderers. Storytellers. All heroes of mine. Creatives who have influenced me deeply, all of whom I have worked with on some, beautiful thing, and very much looking forward to working with again soon.

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