elixirs, perfumes and potions


Treasured elixirs, perfumes and potions (from left to right)

<< Brooklyn Grooming >>

Anti Chaffing Oil; organic oils for problem areas

<< Alexis Smart Flower Remedies >>

“Whole Hearted” // flower essences, lovingly & magically blended

<< Dram Apothecary – Colorado Herbal Bitters – Wild Mountain Sage >>

Alcohol, water, wild Western Mountain Sage, gentian, orange peel

<< Agnes Baddoo // MANIFEST >>

therapeutic grade essential oils with colloidal silver & purified water

<< Workhorse Rye, Redwood Mesquite Coffee Bitters >>

Northern California meets Baja California, exclusive release for Desert & Denim

<< Kings Road Apothecary // Desert Lavender White Sage Digestive Bitters >>

Desert Lavender, White Sage, Cardamom, Calamas Leaf, Gentian, Orange Peel, Vodka, Organic Can Sugar

<< Juniper Ridge DESERT DENIM WASH >>

Apparel refresher from California’s┬áMojave Desert

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