Tools & Transmissions from the Redwoods


The autumn unfolds across the redwoods in this dry California season. I am in the backcountry near Butano and I have a couple of packs full of tools and trailpainting (the hashtag #trailpaintings is largely just my work on instagram). I am wondering how social media in the 21st century works for a painter and a poet; an identity with which I identify most; I am rewriting earlier work, I am making portraits of the young, tall trees; I am finding large slugs and listening to Bach. I am glad to see the streams still have water despite the drought. I believe long form photo-essays and brief essays are where there is truth beyond posts, tweets and status updates. The online journal makes its return.


I never feel lonely near a campfire. The entity of fire keeps me company. And picnic tables! Picnic tables make the best studios. My preferred office by far. And not a computer anywhere. Only the shadowed trees to guide the #trailpaintings


Still working diligently on the Field Atlas of California; hundreds of hand-painted maps that describe the way California moves, the way it lives and cycles through itself as a contiguous system. large-scale, Macro-natural history. Every map I make seems to reveal a core-system, a subtle, sublime component to the larger machine. This map describes the California Divide, a rim that circles the crest of the mountains of California: from the Coastal range, up across the Cascade volcanoes, down the spine of the Sierra and up around the Transverse… a divide that defines how rain-water drains from the ranges; all the rain inside the circle works toward both the San Joaquin and the Sacramento rivers to ultimately drain in the San Francisco Bay.


The bandanna collection, including the work of: Kapital, Indigo Fera, High Desert Test Sites, Jack Knife, Wood & Faulk, Iron & Resin. Tools from 18 waits, Buck knife, Leatherman, Kaweco, The Astral Guides. 


Tool roll by Iron & Resin


Sketchbooks by Bulldogge, Peg and Awl, @wildchildinthetree, @whiskeyt


for more #trailpaintings go to; for more of my writing go to the TRAIL NOTES blog at JUNIPER RIDGE. Pack by Frost River.


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