Western Wilderness Defense


Map by Obi Kaufmann @coyotethunder. Draft one; in preparation of Juniper Ridge‘s annual donation campaign in December. We will most likely be making a grander poster soon. Subscribe to the newsletter at Juniper Ridge’s website to stay in touch. 10% of profits from the purchase of Juniper Ridge products goes towards these campaigns.

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Online links to the 20

  1. American Rivers North Cascades Campaign
  2. American Whitewater Snake River Dam Campaign
  3. Wild Salmon Snake River Habitat restoration
  4. Oregon Natural Desert Association Lower John Day Wilderness
  5. Klamath Siskiyou Wild, Siskiyou Wild Rivers
  6. Klamath Siskiyou Wild, Kalmiopsis Wild Rivers
  7. Owyhee Canyonlands National Monument
  8. Crater Lake Wilderness Oregon Wild
  9. Northwest Coast, California Wilderness Coalition
  10. Friends of the River, Shasta Dam raising
  11. SPAWN Coho Salmon along Lagunitas Creek
  12. SUWA protectiong against oil drilling in Utah’s canyonlands
  13. Bears Ears National Monument
  14. Saving the Merced River
  15. Stop the Delta Tunnels
  16. Stop the Temperance Flat Dam
  17. The Ventana Wilderness Alliance
  18. The Friends of the Inyo
  19. The Central California Heritage Act
  20. Mojave Trails National Monument

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