1000 Portraits of the Sun

1000 PORTRAITS OF THE SUN, #trailpaintings by Obi Kaufmann.

These paintings are from my sketch books and were made on the trail while backpacking California in the Summer and Fall of 2015. The paper is stained and bent, although I will send you your painting sealed in a plastic bag with a rigid backing to protect it. EACH PAINTING COMES WITH A FREE ASTRAL GUIDES DECK.



Every trip, every adventure is steeped in the California “other,” a goddess sense of relationship with the uncounted milieu of personalities that inhabit this place. I’m not just talking about the coyotes, bears, fish, birds and butterflies, even the trees, the stones, fire and water all take on a specific character of voice that if you are out there long enough, and listen hard enough, you can begin to recognize. Patterns of interaction emerge, a narrative unfolds, and the specifics overtake the generic. When do I create favorite memories? Remember specific sunrises, and the rest… It is all there, immediately in my head, a tapestry of moments that feel almost to me now like a portfolio of interacting with some piece of a divine lattice that connects us all… Seeing condors for the first time in the wild as they began to recover in Big Sur about ten years ago; being eighteen and having a black bear rip apart my pack deep in the Ansel Adams wilderness as I hid behind a rock; finding a fresh spring in the Mojave after totally being out of water and not knowing where I was going to find it again; being surrounded by a family of coyotes on the top of Mount Diablo on the Spring Equinox and feeling like I was strangely accepted by them; being knee deep in the Klamath River and watching the salmon swim around my shins; coming across a baby bear carcass just moments after a mountain lion kill and wondering about my own safety… every trip carries its own degree of wonder, danger and beauty.