2015 gift guide

When thinking about what the first Gift Guide from Coyote and Thunder might look like, I knew right off, I would need some rules. Number one, was that I don’t work for the company, so Juniper Ridge is out, although I happen to believe that @juniperridge makes some of the best gift-type things on the planet. I’ve been employed by Juniper Ridge for nearly ten years, so I just can’t offer an unbiased opinion there. The second rule is that I really want to support small artists and craftspeople; tiny companies that are held together by vision and deep (even crazy) creativity. Third, I want to run a really broad gambit of art-types: cooking, jewelry, apparel, useful, beautiful, domestic, international. I want it all. Fourth, perhaps with some dynamic tension against rule one, I want to mix-in and acknowledge brands I have worked with, and hope to work with again, but also shout out brands whom I’ve never even met. Rule five, you’ve got to be on instagram {the links below}; I don’t care if you only have ten followers, but I do care that you are building a portfolio there. Instagram is my favorite social media, in fact I see it more as a game than a thing itself; a game of communication and profound creativity. And I suppose the profound creativity bit is the bit that means the most: a rock & roll x-factor that compromises for nothing. I’ve narrowed the whole list down to twenty and I’m not going to rank them; the fruit is too different: an apple and an orange are two, completely different, covetable cravings. Enjoy. >> Obi. coyoteandthunder@gmail.com >> @coyotethunder on instagram


a.001. QUITOKEETO @quitokeeto

all things elegant, handmade, and warmly loved throughout your kitchen. The magic factor is high with these precious tools.


b.002. 18 WAITS @18waits

A new definition of sophistication; an under-served yet vitally important voice in men’s apparel and accessory design.


c.003. Crawford Denim & Vintage Co. @crawforddenimandvintage

An army of soul that you just can’t beat. Everything is beautiful and this, next-level apparel is here to pound you silly until you acknowledge it.


d.004. COOPERHILL @cooperhill

In a world of posers, there are some guys you can trust. I don’t need or want a tool designed by a designer, give me a hatchet I know was made by a guy who really works trails.


e.005. ANCESTRY QUARTERLY @ancestryquarterly

Probably my favorite magazine of all time. Consider the brilliant tagline: between day job and day dream. Between the scholar and the junkie, and yet both.


f.006. BRASS ARROW @brass_arrow

Anything and everything Noel Bennetto touches shines with a deep mysticism and style that this world has never seen. She seems to transmit her designs from somewhere so familiar yet entirely original, patient, ancient and beautiful.


g.007. THE BAD WEATHER @thebadweather

I will never get enough of Nick Potash; groovy, rugged, unapologetic, contemporary, covetous, metal-as-fuck… I could go on, and do.


h.008. HOMESTEAD APOTHECARY @homesteadapothecary

Oakland local heroes, reviving ancient traditions to modern relevancy. Stop by the shop and learn something about living a healthy, meaningful life without all the pretense that normally comes with such things. photo by sfherbalist – link here.


i.009. OAKLAND SURF CLUB @oaklandsurfclub

What was until recently, a mecca for cutting edge apparel & excellent, with a next-level vibe in the heart of downtown Oakland, has evolved to become a line of clothing, equally authentic in feel, cut and vision. The only sweatshirt I’m gonna wear ever again.


j.010. WINTER SESSION @winter_session 

Winter Session is a little team with a giant vision; a vision vast enough to take on the world, but tempered with enough attention to original design and quality to actually be able to win.


k.011. KIMBERLIN CO. @kimberlinco

You probably know him from his other feed @erickimberlin; dig into this man’s talents and you will find a rich, fathomless depth of talent and execution, one of the greats.


l.011. THIRD EYE HEADLAMPS @thirdeyeheadlamps

My one, true-gear entry into the list: Third Eye Headlamps got it right. They took the dorkiest piece of equipment and made it stylish and interesting; the lamp works fantastic and the tool is indispensable. A must for the mountain-person in your life. photo by @camptrend


m.012. RANCHO GORDO @rancho_gordo

My “desert island” food; Rancho Gordo beans – ultimate nutrition and sustainability in a dizzying array of styles, colors and flavors. Local, diverse, responsible, simple… everything I want in my food.


n.013. REVISIT PRODUCTS @revisitproducts

Finely crafted, everyday objects, rich with story, texture and color. Revisit products carry a proud, detailed quality rarely found these days.


o.014. EARTH TU FACE @earthtuface

Some may think that organic, synthetic-free, plant-based skin care is just for girls. they’d be wrong: it is the future. Earth Tu Face cleanse is the new normal for all people.


p.015. BULLDOGGE BOOKS @bulldoggebooks

Innovation in something as mundane as a sketchbooks is a rarity indeed, but when found, often accompanies quality and am acknowledgement of tradition and the talent to look past it. The handmade leather sketchbooks by Bulldogge illustrate this point like few others.


q.016. FAIR ENDS @fairends

Simple design and the absence of any kind of preciousness defines the look and feel of the Fair Ends line of apparel. The hats are super fresh but maintain a classic line and could be from anytime in the past or the future.


r.017. BOLT & ARROW @boltandarrow

Hard goods for the wild at heart… New to the world, this brand from the coastal mountains of Southern California sings soul and freshness, new designs for a new age of adventure; proud westerners making proud work.


s.018. TYSA DESIGNS @tysadesigns

The designs of Tysa Wright are transcendent. Appreciable as something new, full of beautiful vibes and clearly made, full of love; these genre-crossing designs lay somewhere between road trip and red carpet; and quench the thirst of those of us who yearn for such things.


t.019. COMMUNITY GRAINS @community_grains

Who doesn’t like the best bread in the world? Although, some of us are braver than others when it comes to making it. If you do choose to go do the path of the bread-maker, use Community Grains. The secret to good bread is good, fresh ingredients.


u.020. STRONG MEDICINE STUDIO @strongmedicinestudio

Jenna Knight, jewelry designer, is hanging out, most of the time, on Melrose Ave at American River Mining co. an amazing shop full of wonderous and oh-so-stylish collections of turquoise and leather. Each piece she produces is full of California magic of the most potent kind.