Shedding Earth – EAGLES & ANGELS

The #sheddingearth #trailpaintings, available for purchase for four days, from Saturday, December 12, 2015 to Wednesday, December 16, 2015. Gift notes available upon request:


The Shedding Earth series by Obi Kaufmann @coyotethunder. Field studies of raptors, angels and trees, painted in the Fall of 2015. #trailpaintings. Painting come rolled in a tube, unmounted.

“There is always only ever one truth, one path to a higher road of connection and compassion… a subtle place where the inner world meets the outer world, and you must train to see it. In the 21st century we are finding again and again that the old holds of religion don’t fulfill us and the promise of the technological future only leaves us more empty. Go to the wild spaces! the shrill scream of the hawk beckons and reminds us of where our minds were forged, in the wilderness, where you were born and where you will die. Acknowledge the cry, work the magic, practice the creativity and all the energy of the radiant world is yours.” >>> Obi Kaufmann @coyotethunder on instagram


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