CAConservation on Twitter


Twitter can be problematic; It is a quick feed, and annoyingly so… as you post anything of substance, it is quickly folded into the din of chatter which moves like an avalanche. Therefore, it is good for little more than mobilizing a community around a specific action plan. The idea of a movement lends itself to this “moving” social media platform as it seems to have been built to devour trends, memes, sound-bites, and all manner of political logistics.  I curate the feeds I follow pretty carefully, because I am really only interested in one thing: California Wilderness Conservation. I took some notes today and there is no hub to this thing that I love. I would like to begin us working with the hasthtags #caconservation and #cawilderness. Let me know what you think. I am @obikaufmann on twitter; I’ve reserved my @coyotethunder identity for my more poetic proclivities. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A HIGH-RES PDF OF MY TWITTER 2016 NOTES. (low-res below)