Sasquatch #trailpaintings


The wild man in the forest. It is a theme, a character from the oldest parts of what makes us human. I believe that the search for the wild man is more of an inner journey.  A sighting of him (or her) in the dark forests of northwest California, where I live, or anywhere else, is to catch a glimpse of one’s own shadow, draped in lightning, moss, and fire. A dark mirror where you are released from a legion of secret and public conventions, most of which you have no idea are even following you around, ensnaring you and keeping you from the highest freedoms. Of course, to be completely free to indulge every so-called savage impulse would quickly devolve even the best of us to monster-status, and we don’t want that either. So we exist in a balance, between us and our darker, stronger, wilder reflections. We need the wild man in the forest, and as it turns out, he needs us, for what good is a mirror without any thing to reflect against it? These portraits, this series of #trailpaintings, is as much a series of self-portraits as it is anything else.

Link Below to purchase paintings. Paintings for sale from 01/16/16 to 01/19/16

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