The Central Coast Heritage Act (H.R.4685)

Map 01. the Central Coast Heritage Protection Act (H.R. 4685), legislation will safeguard nearly 250,000 acres of new and expanded wilderness in the Los Padres National Forest and the Carrizo Plain National Monument, protect wild and scenic rivers, and designate the new Condor National Recreation Trail. map by @coyotethunder (click to enlarge)07.14 coast 001

01. Proposed Carrizo Wilderness additions to Carrizo Plain National Monument
a. Soda Lake b. Caliente Range c. Temblor Range. total size of proposed additions: 61,536 acres

02. Carrizo Plain National Monument

03. Proposed Chumash Wilderness additions to existing Chumash Wilderness.
The proposed additions serve as a critical wildlife corridor between the Wind Wolves Preserve and the Chumash Wilderness. Total size of proposed additions: 23,524 acres

04. Chumash Wilderness.

05. Sespe Wilderness

06. Proposed Sespe Wilderness additions to existing Sespe Wilderness. Santa Paula Canyon, which is adjacent to the area, is a popular hiking and swimming destination. Bluff Creek is known for its majestic cliffs. Topatopa Bluff is a tremendous scenic escarpment that can be seen for miles from the Ojai, Santa Clara, and Simi Valleys. Total Size of proposed additions: 14,795 acres

07. Proposed Matilija Wilderness additions to existing Matilija Wilderness. These lands and rivers provide habitat for sixteen sensitive plant and animal species, including arroyo toad, California condor, California red-legged frog, California satintail, hoary bat, Ojai fritillary, pale-yellow layia and Palmer’s mariposa-lily among others. Total Size of proposed additions: 29,677 acres.

08. Matilija Wilderness

09. Diablo Caliente Wilderness (new wilderness!) The additions also include Diablo Canyon, and Caliente Creek and Caliente Canyon. The area shelters four relictual plant species that do not occur anywhere else in the region as well as prominent shale rock features, and the La Carpa Potreros at the upper reaches of Agua Caliente Canyon. Total Size -18,176 Acres

10. Dick Smith Wilderness & Proposed additions to the Dick Smith Wilderness. The Mono Creek drainage offers towering canyon walls at a site called the Narrows, as well as deep pools of water and striking limestone outcrops. California spotted owls are suspected to nest in the area, and California red-legged frogs, southwestern willow flycatchers and one of the largest populations of southwestern pond turtles on the LPNF (Los Padres National Forest) are also known to dwell there. Total Size of proposed additions: 54,609 acres.

11. Condor Ridge Proposed Scenic Area. Historic habitat for the California condor, with perennial streams that provide habitat for the endangered southern steelhead trout. Rare habitat for the southern spotted owl is provided by forests gracing the area’s north-facing slopes. Total size of proposed area: 18,666 acres.

12. Santa Ynez River

13. San Rafael Wilderness

14. Proposed and Potential additions to San Rafael Wilderness. The area’s many caves provide condor habitat and some of them are important archaeological sites. Some Chumash painting sites are included in the National Register of Historic Places and are still in use for traditional cultural practices. Total size of proposed additions: 65,748 acres (of which 41,617 acres are “potential wilderness”).

15. Garcia Wilderness and Wilderness Additions. The headwaters of the Salinas and Huasna Rivers originate along the flanks of Garcia Mountain. Many seasonal tributaries of the Salinas River have shady streamside groves of hardwoods. The area already serves as a condor foraging site, and its numerous erosion-caused caves, cavities, and ledges may once again serve as a nesting ground for the majestic bird. Golden eagles already nest there. Total size of potential wilderness additions: 7,315 acres.

16. Santa Lucia Wilderness and Santa Lucia Wilderness Proposed additions. The popular Rinconada trail traverses the area, providing great views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Year-round streams flow through the area and visitors are treated to spectacular waterfalls. Total size of propose additions: 3,153 acres.

17 Black Mountain Proposed Scenic Area. This area is one of the few roadless areas in the region that includes oak savannah habitat, a once ubiquitous mixture of grasslands and oaks that is being rapidly destroyed by development throughout the state. Total Size 15,846 acres.

18. Machesna Mtn. Wilderness and Proposed additions. Condors forage in the area, and it is adjacent to a condor release site. Total Size -10,255 acres (of which 2,174 acres are designated “potential wilderness”)

Note: In addition to the creation of scenic areas and new wilderness areas, The bill seeks to preserve the special character and free-flowing condition of 158.5 miles of rivers and creeks in the Los Padres National Forest—some of which are the last non-channelized and un-dammed rivers is southern California.


Map Coastal Heritage (PRINTABLE PDF VERSION)


The permanent protection of these unique and scenic wild lands and rivers will 1) Ensure that residents and farmers alike will have a sustainable source of clean water for communities in Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo countires. 2) Ensure that current and future generations can continue to camp, hike, hunt, fish, see wildlife, horseback ride, rock climb, and backpack in these unique places. 3) Sustain the ecological future of 468 species of wildlife and over 1,200 plant species. 4) protect our region’s tourism industry that attracts visitors from around the globe.




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