The COYOTETHUNDER portfolio of applied arts, 2017

I regularly work on a project basis for a wide variety of clients. I am presenting here a portfolio of my most recent work which I am calling Applied Arts, which is a term I use to include all work by commission, and not simply my own art or art made for the California Field Atlas. While the scope of work for each project is often broad, I’ve only included here one image per project as the best indication of style. This portfolio highlights a number of my highest-profile projects and were chosen to demonstrate a consistent yet heterogeneous portfolio. Although the content and the application of work is varied, my hand-painted style is very predictable – I like to say that my clients know what they are going to get before I ever pick up my brush. I work at the client’s pace and am able to provide quick turnaround on deliverables or, if needed, to massage out the process, depending on what the project calls for. My manner of working is always adaptable, either through brand-collaboration or art-only deliverables. I prefer to remain the artist-only and will rarely carry the work through graphic design to its final design. I describe my hand-painted style as being naturistic and fluid, with minimally applied color. Email me  at My office is at Premium Tattoo, in Oakland, California.


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