Trail Paintings Portfolio – Early Summer

Note: I’ve posted 15 recent trail paintings on my etsy shop. You can link to them here or by hitting the button on the left. This group is a bit different than earlier portfolios: I’ve let the designs open up a little bit – the animals depicted are more open, painterly and maybe even aloof. Since I am offering them at a reduced price, and with free domestic shipping, I am only going to make them available for a week or so. If you find one that speaks to you, please snatch it up right away. I am also offering tattooing services at – $200 gets you a custom painting that you get to take home, and a tattoo. Something to think about if you are in the Bay Area and into such things.  Contact me directly about tattooing or any other service at Peruse the gallery below and link directly from each painting through to where you can purchase it. Thank you, Obi.

June 2017 #1: “Three ravens sing of us all in the new day, from the archaic visions (of nature as the old enemy and the kingdom of low animals) to the new welcoming. How the song surrounds and permeates us! Tentative inclusion to the storied processes of all non-sorrowful nature, that we may recognize the fight not as a combat, but a ritual dance. #trailpaintings

June 2017 #2: “The #trailpaintings pile and churn and I keep in front. I tackle the beast with something that feels like aggression while it is going on (tear it out, uncover it, it’s mine!) A running hunt where at the end there is no injury, maybe only even a lonely sigh. When the air is right, the next exercise demands me to go at it immediately again and as before, I’m out of control and crushed in the waves – exactly where I was born and will always be. ”

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