The Best of Outdoor Retailer

I don’t like things. Stuff generally bores me. Last week, I was at Outdoor Retailer, at the center of stuff designed to sell the idea of having fun in the outdoors. I could continue on this line of cynicism – about how this monstrous consumerist society is at odds with the often hollow, rhetorical cry within the industry, of a greener vision and an environmental ethic – but I won’t; there are a handful of excellent companies who are tirelessly presenting unique quality, design and style. Here I present a few of my favorites – I took the attitude when coming up with the list, to choose the portfolio based on one item per category, as if I was building my own new toolbox of gear and clothing. These items I could and would use in my own lifestyle. -Obi

FROST RIVER – The Campfire Tent

PALOMINO – Black Wing Pencils – Japanese cedar pencils of unparalleled quality

TOPO DESIGNS – the new design for the day pack

GOAL ZERO – the Boulder 100 Briefcase – The next generation of power

FILSON – The short lined cruiser work jacket

MOUNTAIN HARDWEAR – The new design for the Ghost Sleeping Bag

MULE – The new branding of the Allett ultra-slim wallet

PARKS PROJECT – putting their money where their mouth is

DUCKWORTHCO – sheep to shelf – rancher owned wool

VASQUE – The granddaddy, my own 1,000 mile boot at right and three brand new Vasque boots pictured at left


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