We are about to embark on the book tour for the California Field Atlas, which ships from HEYDAY in the next week or so. It is an incredibly dynamic time in my little family, in the little publishing house that is producing my work, in the state which is the book’s focus, in the nation where that state belongs politically, in the biospheric globe upon which that nation sits and even it seems, in the cosmos that this earth revolves; on Monday, a total eclipse is parading across the North American continent and like a some mythic event where the moon serpent swallows the face of the sun only to then be reborn, we all have a grand new opportunity. With the arrival of the book, I am eager to welcome a whole new community into my life and into my extended family and I wish to invite everyone interested in being a part of it in.

Presales are closed from HEYDAY and I will be shipping directly, sales of the book from my studio. Please email me for a copy, include to whom the book should be inscribed and I will gladly ship it signed. The cost of the book this way is $65 – that includes shipping, invoicing and tax. The book itself in the store retails for $45. If you are in Europe, the cost is $75. My email is and I’ll always get it in the mail in less than two weeks.


With this tour, I seek to spread a word of hope at the way the natural world works and sustains itself, despite seemingly unprecidented cirumstances. I want to fight the zeitgeist of despair in the human-world and am looking for scouts, trackers, soldiers and warrior-poets to join me in my search for rational perspective and to be recruited in my mission of merging aesthetics, ecology and storytelling. With that in mind, I call this tour to celebrate the California Field Atlas, the “Tracking Thunderbirds Tour 2017” – let’s call those great avian-symbols of magic and rebirth from beyond the horizon, find them, and claim their purpose as our own.


For the months of September and October, myself, my love Alli and our little dog Gordy are going to be winding along on an intricate course from San Francisco down to San Diego, over to the desert and then north through the Redwood forests to Portland, Oregon and back again. We will be cruising around in the Coyote Wagon, a 1948 teardrop trailer that has been our home away from home for about ten years now.

The Coyote Wagon, Alli & Gordy

I am making 23 stops on this tour that are open to the public. If you think there is a good opportunity aong our path, or not, where a private party might be held to welcome the book and the vision, we are totally into. Email me at As it stands, these are the fliers I’ve prepared for the TRACKING THUNDERBIRDS tour, 2017.


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