REDWING #4318 CLIMBER BOOT with INDIGOFERA. This begins to thread together the larger story of friendship, adventure, and poetry that will be premiering between REDWING, INDIGOFERA and myself, around the world — Saturday, September 21st, 2019. I got to spend a week in the late spring, hiking and playing host to an amazing cadre of creative Scandinavians, including the director Calle Stoltz @calle_stoltz, the cinematographer Robert Andersson @doprobertandersson, and the artist behind INDIGOFERA Mats Andersson, @mats_arne. We tramped through my beloved, northern Sierra Nevada mountains and since, these amazing filmmakers tirelessly assembled the most beautiful short film about my work called THE MOUNTAINS MARCH OVER ME — Obi Kaufmann and the Sierra Nevada. The movie premiers a week from Friday in Stockholm, and I am about to climb right out of my skin with anticipation. @redwingheritage @indigoferajeans #forestcity also pictured: @havstadhatco and the Coyote Thunder Field Bag by @kamenroad.

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