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Obi Kaufmann

The Ghostdancer Interview

Interview with Obi Kaufmann by @theghostdancer Rhiannon Griego Wilderness preservationist, illustrator, poet and artist Obi Kaufmann is this week’s maker. Obi and I have been circulating one another’s work for 4 years. When I first began exploring the realm of connection through the web of instagram, I happened across his […]

Indigofera Jeans x Coyote Thunder collaboration

Indigofera Jeans x Coyote Thunder collaboration Personality and place comingle in the latest offering from Indigofera jeans. Working for over a year with California artist Obi Kaufmann, the Stockholm-based outfitters are proud to present a capsule line of rugged men’s apparel that blurs the line between equipment and clothing. Designed […]

The Best of Outdoor Retailer

I don’t like things. Stuff generally bores me. Last week, I was at Outdoor Retailer, at the center of stuff designed to sell the idea of having fun in the outdoors. I could continue on this line of cynicism – about how this monstrous consumerist society is at odds with […]

In Defense of Public Lands

The current presidential administration is making an unprecidented attack against the preservation of our National Monuments. With a campaign of false information and public relations trickery, this president seeks to undermine many large-scale, land-conserving federally protected monuments in order to appease resource extracting business interests. Many of these imperiled, beautiful […]

Malcolm Margolin on the River

Malcolm Margolin proves again and again himself as a beacon to all manner of creative genius. Earlier this week, he gathered a cadre of so many remarkable souls from around Northern California and beyond to join him on the South Fork of the American River for an evening and a […]