The California Field Atlas has won the 2018 Gold Medal for Notable Contribution to Publishing by the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. I am so proud and grateful to receive and share this award with my excellent publisher, HEYDAY BOOKS. My great hope is that this book stands with the larger vanguard of inspired voices rising across California and beyond, that share a vision for an emergent culture built on values of ecological restoration over reclamation and resource replenishment over endless extraction. United, we can usher in a new age of greater abundance while preserving the superlative portfolio of biodiversity that California enjoys for generations to come. (obi)


I will be part of two events in Southern California this month. With a few hundred paintings tucked under my arm, I will be marching off to Eagle Rock for the Second Hand Revival in Eagle Rock on February 11th, and I will be in Joshua Tree for a show […]

The Great Oak Gardens of California

California’s major oaks (genus Quercus) Valley Oak (Q. lobata) VO Black Oak (Q. kelloggii) BO Blue Oak (Q. douglassii) BlO Oregon Oak (Q. garryana) OO Coast Live Oak (Q. agrifolia) CLO Interior Live Oak (Q. wislizenii) ILO Canyon Oak (Q. chrysolepis) CO Island Oak (Q. tomentella) IO Scrub Oak (SO) […]

A New Ecological Map of California

A Prismagraphic Map of the 21st century ecological zones of California with designations selected by climate, topography, and biota. Warner Mountain Nevada Modoc Range Southern Big Valley Modoc Forest Highland Madelaine Plains Nevada Basin Eagle Lake Lassen Montane Sutter Buttes Islands Sierra Buttes Lakes Basin Yuba Cedar Ridges and Valleys […]