The California Field Atlas has won the 2018 Gold Medal for Notable Contribution to Publishing by the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. I am so proud and grateful to receive and share this award with my excellent publisher, HEYDAY BOOKS. My great hope is that this book stands with the larger vanguard of inspired voices rising across California and beyond, that share a vision for an emergent culture built on values of ecological restoration over reclamation and resource replenishment over endless extraction. United, we can usher in a new age of greater abundance while preserving the superlative portfolio of biodiversity that California enjoys for generations to come. (obi)


  If California is a church, and it most certainly is, Tuleyome is the alter. A gilded, jeweled landscape at the heart of the larger, sacred narrative. A thin slice […]

Maps of the Southern Sierra

In these lands of the Southern Sierra Nevada, under the tallest peak in the lower 48, and beside the most massive tree in the world, among the first national sanctuary to protect migratory bird diversity, and in the air about the 1500 of constant human habitation by the Tulare and […]