The California Field Atlas has won the 2018 Gold Medal for Notable Contribution to Publishing by the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. I am so proud and grateful to receive and share this award with my excellent publisher, HEYDAY BOOKS. My great hope is that this book stands with the larger vanguard of inspired voices rising across California and beyond, that share a vision for an emergent culture built on values of ecological restoration over reclamation and resource replenishment over endless extraction. United, we can usher in a new age of greater abundance while preserving the superlative portfolio of biodiversity that California enjoys for generations to come. (obi)

The Way Water Moves in California

The Rivers of California Networks of River systems, watersheds, ecosystems that have been tracing the land of this golden place long before the coming of all life – forever eroding their canyons, forever the same – individual spirits who prints in light define this place as much as any other […]

California’s Ecosystem Network

The story of California is a spiral of conifers and sages around huge pockets of granite and serpentine. A folded piece of jeweled earth composed of millions of networks, patterns and living systems. Click here or downloadable PDF: ecosystems Regional eco-network patterns irrespective of human overlay by Obi Kaufmann @coyotethunder. click to […]

The Five Sacred Peaks of the Bay Area

The Five Sacred Peaks of the San Francisco Bay Area <<< and their old names >>> Mount Saint Helena in the Mayacamas Mountains  <<< Mount Mayacamas >>>touches the Napa, Sonoma, and Lake counties 4341’ Mount Tamalpais <<< támal páji, literally “west hill” >>> is the highest peak in the Marin Hills. The elevation […]

The Bioregions of California

Written and mapped by Obi Kaufmann @coyotethunder THE BIOREGIONS OF CALIFORNIA California is a patchwork of dynamic ecostates and bio-republics whose seams are defined by large geomorphic expanses, water and soil courses. To understand the bioregions of California is to understand the story of how California works and how it is assembled. The […]