Protecting natural systems, their habitat and biodiversity, is the best strategy we have of building a future society that continues prosperously in an uncertain global climate. Our single paradigm should focus on striking a balance between natural resource extraction and replenishment, between restoration and replenishment.

In Defense of Public Lands

The current presidential administration is making an unprecidented attack against the preservation of our National Monuments. With a campaign of false information and public relations trickery, this president seeks to undermine many large-scale, land-conserving federally protected monuments in order to appease resource extracting business interests. Many of these imperiled, beautiful […]

Preserving Giant Sequoia National Monument

(published by Our public lands are under existential attack from the Trump administration and Congress. In just the first five months of the Trump presidency, we have already seen attacks on the protection of our rivers and streams from coal waste, the attempted elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency, […]

Defend the National Monuments

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has been ordered to review 27 National Monuments designated by the Antiquities Act over the past 21 years to look for so-called abuses of the act. The public is invited to weigh in on the review as a whole via written comments or an […]


In the overtly politicized, toxic rhetoric of the business-first congressional stance against public land conservation, the next few years is going to be a tough-run for those of us who don’t want to see large chunks of our wilderness legacy turned over for private exploitation. A tough run, to be sure, but […]

Stop the Cadiz Water Project

For those of us who consider ourselves Desert Defenders and seek to resist the exploitation and resource extraction at the hands of big business, the threats are legion. The desert is rich in many types of resources and those bent on making a fortune off of these resources have a […]