Protecting natural systems, their habitat and biodiversity, is the best strategy we have of building a future society that continues prosperously in an uncertain global climate. Our single paradigm should focus on striking a balance between natural resource extraction and replenishment, between restoration and replenishment.

The Last Days of Winter

Hiking along, I reached up to touch my beard and realized I was coated in ice – suppose that’s what beards are for: the water froze on my face but there was a layer of warm air between me and the ice. A simple truth. Oh Commander Scott. I a […]

The Condors at Pinnacles

The California Condor – about 300 are left in the world – living dinosaurs. So beautiful, they almost hurt to witness… Like gazing straight into the heart of some kind of nostalgia I carry around for a California that may or may not have ever been: a Garden of Eden […]

Black Chasm, Volcano, California

Under the world: the glorious abyss. Stretching 250 feet under the Sierra Foothills, the limestone caverns at Black Chasm near the Gold Rush town of Volcano in Amador County. Calcite flowstone, a quarter of a million years old forms pipe organs in this chthonic cathedral – a cathedral so beautifully […]

Nostalgic Books and Vintage Western Trail type

Half way between our childhood memories, locked up in pulp adventure books of cowboys on the Range and a more serious, critical investigation of the graphic signifiers everyone responds to (about the West), I present some of the new additions to the Juniper Ridge ( library – graphic inspiration…resources that […]