Protecting natural systems, their habitat and biodiversity, is the best strategy we have of building a future society that continues prosperously in an uncertain global climate. Our single paradigm should focus on striking a balance between natural resource extraction and replenishment, between restoration and replenishment.

High Sierra Wildflower Bloom, Part 2

More of the Summer Bloom in the Sierra Nevada. These pictures come from Prosser Lake, an artificial water system, north of Truckee  that was conceived of as means to manage the water level in Lake Tahoe through the Truckee river. The habitat that has grown up around the lake has […]

High Sierra Wildflower Bloom, Part 1

It is hard to describe the harmonious delight that is the High Sierra Wildflower bloom. There is concert there. There is cooperation – every plant makes way for their neighbors in a wild urban (herban) scenario that does this California boy’s heart right. It only happens for a few weeks a […]

Hiking across the Sun

The Oak woodlands between Cone Peak and Junipero Serra Peak, at the border of the Ventana Wilderness, is a true slice of Heaven, California-style. We wildharvested some late-Spring, Wooly Bluecurl – a particularly fragrant, endemic flower. The bloom was going off; I got a few backpacks full. The view from […]

The Hoover Wilderness

Two or so miles up from the trailhead, at about 9000′, the wind blows strong and cold across the glacial lake, even under the sunniest of skies. The Jeffery pines grow in specific patterns here, in this secret corner of the Eastern Sierra Nevada; spread out among the aspens and […]

The Biggest Tree in the World

Had to run. Take the Danners, throw the new Equinox in the back of the van, don’t forget the whiskey, or the Elna Bakker book. Today, my friends, today we see the largest tree in the world. A tree so large that the sublimity of simply beholding the thing is enough to […]