Protecting natural systems, their habitat and biodiversity, is the best strategy we have of building a future society that continues prosperously in an uncertain global climate. Our single paradigm should focus on striking a balance between natural resource extraction and replenishment, between restoration and replenishment.

What Would John Muir Do?

      “What would John Muir do?” One of my favorite John Muir anecdotes is the history of Tahoe National Park. After Yosemite and Sequoia, Mr. Muir turned his sites to establishing permanent, federal protection for the deepest, highest alpine lake in the world: Lake Tahoe. He proposed a […]

The Last Days of Winter

Hiking along, I reached up to touch my beard and realized I was coated in ice – suppose that’s what beards are for: the water froze on my face but there was a layer of warm air between me and the ice. A simple truth. Oh Commander Scott. I a […]

The Condors at Pinnacles

The California Condor – about 300 are left in the world – living dinosaurs. So beautiful, they almost hurt to witness… Like gazing straight into the heart of some kind of nostalgia I carry around for a California that may or may not have ever been: a Garden of Eden […]

Black Chasm, Volcano, California

Under the world: the glorious abyss. Stretching 250 feet under the Sierra Foothills, the limestone caverns at Black Chasm near the Gold Rush town of Volcano in Amador County. Calcite flowstone, a quarter of a million years old forms pipe organs in this chthonic cathedral – a cathedral so beautifully […]