The rest of my career will be about drawing connections. Analysis, the process of dissection, is only of limited value to my mission. Synthesis is my vocation. More than any other kind of thinking, systems strategy, specifically of course in reference to California ecology, is where I find the answers to the questions I am asking. How do the orienting, elemental forces of the natural world inform the shape and function of my local and global realities? They come by considering the wider implications of externalities and how the sum effect of its fitness outweighs the aggregated product of the constituent properties. The study of ecology is the study of economics. The only difference between the two is the object of currency and the subject of society. (obi)

Yuba River and Highway 49

Among the cedars along the North Fork of the Yuba River – down through Nevada City and eventually to Placerville – the road here bakes in the late Summer sun. We keep a steady elevation of about 4000 feet. The burritos are pretty good at that little restaurant in Downieville. In Georgetown […]

Poets on the Peaks – new books

Gary Snyder at Crater Mountain Lookout, August 1952. “…so I wrote the ranger in Marblemount in February, listed my qualifications, which were trail crew and fire fighting work in various national forests, and experience with logging and carpentry and all that kind of thing, outdoor work, and mountaineering, and then […]