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New art for Juniper Ridge, by Obi Kaufmann

The new art for is being launch on September 15th. It is covered in my heart. Want to talk about it, drop me a line at Here is a sneak peek. statement below

“Obi Kaufmann, our own Chief Storyteller has been hiking with Hall Newbegin and Juniper Ridge, as a wilderness perfumer, for nearly a decade. This holiday season we are pleased to announce that his artwork will define the new-face of the line across our new harvests and products. Obi has been a gallery artist most of his adult life, in the past few years as he is spending more time on the trail than actually in his studio, his style has taken on the the character of an amateur-naturalist, intent on keen observation while preserving the mood of the wild place he takes up his brush to record. Bright colors, moody atmospheres and rich patterns, based on observation and long days hiking inform his compositions that we are so proud to present. We believe, that on some level, Obi’s paintings and our formulations are similar methods of getting to the same end: a deep communion with nature, a piece of the place itself. These paintings are not the brain-child of some designer somewhere, paid to construct a projection of what these places might be like – these paintings reflect Juniper Ridge’s core value that everything we do must come from the inside, nothing outsourced – whether it be the harvesting of our own wild aromatics or expressing that deep interaction with nature through some visual branding, if it ain’t real, it ain’t us. We are very pleased to present Obi’s art as our new look. Check out these trail paintings by the man, and if you would like to dig deeper into his work, check him out at and As always, you can contact him directly at if you wish to talk about Wilderness Perfume or interacting with nature on a deep and wild level.” from

CS_Siskiyou_Tube (1)for the first time, Juniper Ridge Wilderness Perfumes will be offered with an external shell, a tube decorated in the art of Obi Kaufmann, for the first time, Juniper Ridge is moving away from a masculine-apothecary approach to what they do, and embracing the unique thing that they are.


The Wilderness Distillery on Esquire’s Style Blog

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When you get down to it, most of our soaps and colognes are made in places that look scarily like laboratories. Even the ones that proudly exclaim that they’re all-natural. Not so with Juniper Ridge. The company makes soaps, colognes, and sprays that smell great, but they do it in a decidedly non-laboratorial manner. In fact, they concoct many of their fragrances using a vintage whiskey still, though sometimes they go moonshine style, over a campfire. These people are, as we found out firsthand, a bunch of bourbon-loving, beer-swigging, meat-grilling Californians who just happen to have a thing for tracking down and capturing the scent of the woods.

They’ve got a gold miner’s mission, a sommelier’s nose, and a distinct appreciation for the wilderness of the American West, all of which were on display when we hitched a ride with Juniper Ridge this past July on the trail in the Tahoe National Forest. We were there to concoct a new scent, or an “aromatic snapshot,” as they like to call it. You see, the ingredients the company works so hard to find aren’t just specific to their locations but also to the season — some flowers they use bloom for only a few weeks each year.

Oh, and yes: Juniper Ridge is all-natural. Doggedly so. Bark, sap, leaves, twigs, grass, flower petals, stems — these ingredients come courtesy of the wilderness. And there are no synthetics in the mix, either; it’s either pure sugarcane alcohol or organic duck fat (the company is definitely not vegetarian). Because of this, each batch of products is entirely unique, a reflection of the season’s bounty that captures a moment in time in much the same way a good bottle of wine does.


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writing by Matt Bell on Instagram

photos by Mat Rick on instagram

the artwork of Obi Kaufmann here

Obi Kaufmann on Instagram

The Road Wild


The real tools are the sketchbooks, the whiskey, maybe then, the knife. I take these with me, on the trail, on the road, seeking sense where there may be no sense to discover. The wild is jealous and forever gorgeous, all we can do is worship and follow.


A thunderbird. My private totem. My expressed freedom. Whatever would we, or could we, be without our personal angels? These vapors, these wretched saviors, that at once, would either protect or devour us. An arbitrary decision, really.


Wildcrafting with Take these fragrances: a particular kind of real therapy. Mending unknown broken parts. You have license.


Photo story of 9 days in Southern California, with hash tags


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