All I paint are spirals between the stars and their root-light feeding the big trees. Between you and the diamond veil is a single beat of the hummingbird’s tiny heart spread like thunder down into the river canyon. Nature has one seamless memory of itself. The algorithm at the unifying border is as shocking in its resiliency as its elegant simplicity. All the forms of sex and death are found on this side of the creek, in the forest at dawn. (obi)

The Savage Angels

19 paintings by Obi Kaufmann, for sale in the portfolio entitled “The Savage Angels”. Watercolor and ink on paper. Made on trail – made on the road. A torn piece of my gypsy heart. Comes mounted on backer board, in plastic sleeve, size 7.25″ x 10.5″. Paper is tortured. Price […]

Coyote & Thunder, the book

      I only made 100 of these little books. “Coyote and Thunder” By Obi Kaufmann. 85 page book full of trail notes and dream journal entries that chronicle this California artist’s quest for vision and adventure across the West. Free Shipping. limited, signed edition of 100. click here to […]

Live Art Oakland

In my other life, the one as an art curator and artist representative, I run events for Oakland, CA artists – my friends and well, frankly, my family. Check them all out at oaklandsweetart. We had quite a party last night – we look forward to doing it again. Stay […]