All I paint are spirals between the stars and their root-light feeding the big trees. Between you and the diamond veil is a single beat of the hummingbird’s tiny heart spread like thunder down into the river canyon. Nature has one seamless memory of itself. The algorithm at the unifying border is as shocking in its resiliency as its elegant simplicity. All the forms of sex and death are found on this side of the creek, in the forest at dawn. (obi)

The Athena Paintings

This is the final week of my solo show at Oakland Surf Club. I’ve been a painter my whole life and I’ve shown my work plenty of places, but I can’t remember ever having as much fun gathering, crafting and showing a body of work as this one. To see […]

The Redwood Journal

This Winter we have above average rainfall totals in Northern California, but below average for the months of January and February. Things are cooking right along at Juniper Ridge, with the launch of Winter Redwood – I am running the @juniper_ridge twitter feed now – mostly wilderness conservation posts. Alli […]