A project so big that my life will forever be that which comes after, and now, that what has come before. Do I define my art or does my art define me? Do I get to designate that what and who I love, or have the energetic, magnetic, attractive forces within this place of my birth and of my life, sculpted me to be the maker of this and the next Field Atlases to come? Am I alone in the endeavor or do I dare think I may be a momentary pulse in a greater becoming? (obi)

Capsule New York, Men’s clothing

Capsule, New York. Men’s fashion. January 2013. Having shown Juniper Ridge at a year’s worth of Capsule Shows, I can honestly say this one was the best. The clientele and the other exhibitors are all becoming friends and each show becomes more and more enjoyable. -Obi Alli and I at […]