A project so big that my life will forever be that which comes after, and now, that what has come before. Do I define my art or does my art define me? Do I get to designate that what and who I love, or have the energetic, magnetic, attractive forces within this place of my birth and of my life, sculpted me to be the maker of this and the next Field Atlases to come? Am I alone in the endeavor or do I dare think I may be a momentary pulse in a greater becoming? (obi)

General Store, San Francisco

General Store, out near Ocean Beach in San Francisco, is another of my favorite places to get stuff that somehow, I’m sure I need. I’m convinced I need it because of the pure vibe that the certain combination of this superbly curated store radiates. Everything here is made by someone […]

Beam & Anchor, Portland, Oregon

In my heart, there are few retail sites in the West that garner as much respect as Beam & Anchor in Portland, Oregon. The mix of all, lovingly crafted brands creates a vibe, a synergy that is hard to shake. The warm frequency, the friendly hosts and the new vision […]

The New Jewelry at Coeur show, Los Angeles

by Obi Kaufmann Coeur – Women’s accessories, gift and home collections. October 15th through 17th. Cooper Design Space, 11th Floor. Los Angeles. Coeur Show in L.A. just wrapped up yesterday. I was exhibiting with my brand, Juniper Ridge, and am still a bit exhausted after all the excitement. In this […]

Listening to Metal on vinyl

I’ve been into heavy metal since I was very young –¬†Probably too young. I was raised on Metallica. My new hobby is collecting Death Metal and Black Metal on vinyl – at once warm and cold, the sound of this, at times, antimusic, is undeniable. I love it. I do. […]