My study has always been love. Press me and I begin to murmur things like how my work is not science, but the subject of my work is data-driven biodiversity. I study patterns of habitat. To be more specific, I am a student of the beauty and history of biological evolution in morphological architecture and its application to fitness strategy across living systems. In my art and writing about ecology, I am more satisfied with the exploration of the best. most simple and elegant question than I am with any righteous, vocational answer. Where the #californiafieldatlas was a love story, my next books are becoming family albums. (obi)

Obi Kaufmann in the Manual

    This is one interview that didn’t take too long on the clothing front. Obi Kaufmann is the real deal. As he joked with us, “ I have hashtag “Life on  The Trail” man! This is it! It’s not a hobby!”  When we asked about dress shoes he just […]

General Store, San Francisco

General Store, out near Ocean Beach in San Francisco, is another of my favorite places to get stuff that somehow, I’m sure I need. I’m convinced I need it because of the pure vibe that the certain combination of this superbly curated store radiates. Everything here is made by someone […]