My study has always been love. Press me and I begin to murmur things like how my work is not science, but the subject of my work is data-driven biodiversity. I study patterns of habitat. To be more specific, I am a student of the beauty and history of biological evolution in morphological architecture and its application to fitness strategy across living systems. In my art and writing about ecology, I am more satisfied with the exploration of the best. most simple and elegant question than I am with any righteous, vocational answer. Where the #californiafieldatlas was a love story, my next books are becoming family albums. (obi)

Spring in New Orleans, part 1

The music, the decay, the history, the food – the throngs of drunkards – all of it coagulates into the swampy vibe that is New Orleans. Click on above pictures to enlarge. Restaurants: Domenica and Three Muses. The streets tells the musicians their music, so I have been told.