Tracking Thunderbirds


I’ve moved into the sun. Where once I painted by candlelight in a cave (explore my old portfolios at I now paint on the trail, praising that brilliant ball of fire over us all. The new #trailpaintings are below.


Please join me and @coldsplinters @gravelandgoldsf for my book release, “The Mountain could not Remember Your Name”, on Oct 28th in San Francisco at Gravel and Gold.

New art for Juniper Ridge, by Obi Kaufmann

The new art for is being launch on September 15th. It is covered in my heart. Want to talk about it, drop me a line at Here is a sneak peek. statement below

“Obi Kaufmann, our own Chief Storyteller has been hiking with Hall Newbegin and Juniper Ridge, as a wilderness perfumer, for nearly a decade. This holiday season we are pleased to announce that his artwork will define the new-face of the line across our new harvests and products. Obi has been a gallery artist most of his adult life, in the past few years as he is spending more time on the trail than actually in his studio, his style has taken on the the character of an amateur-naturalist, intent on keen observation while preserving the mood of the wild place he takes up his brush to record. Bright colors, moody atmospheres and rich patterns, based on observation and long days hiking inform his compositions that we are so proud to present. We believe, that on some level, Obi’s paintings and our formulations are similar methods of getting to the same end: a deep communion with nature, a piece of the place itself. These paintings are not the brain-child of some designer somewhere, paid to construct a projection of what these places might be like – these paintings reflect Juniper Ridge’s core value that everything we do must come from the inside, nothing outsourced – whether it be the harvesting of our own wild aromatics or expressing that deep interaction with nature through some visual branding, if it ain’t real, it ain’t us. We are very pleased to present Obi’s art as our new look. Check out these trail paintings by the man, and if you would like to dig deeper into his work, check him out at and As always, you can contact him directly at if you wish to talk about Wilderness Perfume or interacting with nature on a deep and wild level.” from

CS_Siskiyou_Tube (1)for the first time, Juniper Ridge Wilderness Perfumes will be offered with an external shell, a tube decorated in the art of Obi Kaufmann, for the first time, Juniper Ridge is moving away from a masculine-apothecary approach to what they do, and embracing the unique thing that they are.


The Astral Guides


When I first thought about making a deck of cards, I knew I wanted to do something totally different than the Tarot. I imagined the reader to be less spiritual and more mystical – or at least be able to conceive of the subtle powers as being more creative than religious. I imagine a reader much more at home, and comfortable, out in the wild, off trail, blazing each day with adventure and always ready to explore what is around the next corner. There are directions in each deck, but they are pretty loose; you are to complete the circle for yourself. The deck has been designed with safeguards, the darkness present in each reading is only a function of light. There are as many different systems of magic as there are people on the planet, although the best one draw up the archetypes. We all have the human mind in common, and the maps that define and guide us through this life have been long-drawn by our collective elders. With the Astral Guides, I transcend all that and have suggested a pantheon of wonderous symbols that only make passing reference to any wisdom tradition. Find your own path. Listen to the Light. -Obi



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“The Mountain Verses” 72 trail paintings by Obi Kaufmann. These paintings, called trail paintings, were made in the Spring of 2014 in the mountains and deserts of California. They are love poems for the land and describe an intimate relationship with the wild ghosts that inhabit this vital landscape, alive with color and non-precious at heart. These paintings were made in the field, and are often dirty, bent and ripped. There are blessed defects that are often undetectable in these scans, so should you choose to purchase one, be prepared for a thing that comes from the trail and is very much part of that world. These paintings each measure 6.75″ x 10.5″ and come in plastic, ready to frame.


THE ASTRAL GUIDES ARE AVAILABLE. click here or on any picture to buy. 




A 52-card, divinatory art-deck by Obi Kaufmann (@coyotethunder on Instagram), based on the stars and their poetic journey across the Northern sky. 

The deck itself is printed on high-quality, poker style cards. The print quality is beautiful and as much as it is a game, it is also a portfolio of the figurative-paintings and poetry of Obi Kaufmann. For more pictures and information, go to and to – also be sure to follow Obi on his instragram @coyotethunder.

The Astral Guides work with light to help with particular quandaries. Each card is assigned a star, or a constellation of stars, that when in season, benefit from moving between the Earth and the arm of the Milky Way it lives in. Begin by shuffling the deck well, concentrating on the dilemma. Always consult the deck with specific intention. Draw one, three or five cards depending on the depth and importance of the quandary at hand. Arrange the cards in order, laterally so the orienting symbols on both sides of the card line up. Count the numbers, consider how the orienting symbols align, recognize the seasonality of each card, move through the poetry. If the numbers add up to an even sum, if the orienting symbols don’t align, or if the season isn’t right, don’t pay too much attention to the reading: the door needs to be open correctly for the guides to grant clear divination.